Monday, January 14, 2013

Types of Memorandum

      According to Sharma (2010:1), there are several kinds of memorandum which can be categorized into two broad types:
  1. Informal memorandum Theses are handwritten memos. They are more commonly used to communicate message related to day activities such as conveying telephone messages, to remain people of something, responding to inquiries, and so on.
  2. Formal memorandum. These are message and appear more formal. Theses are used to respond to formal queries, convey information pertaining to the business such as sales report, suggestions for cost improvements,etc.
      Sharma (2010:3) mentions that there are five basic types of memos request, confirmation, periodic report, ideas and suggestions, and informal studyresult.
  1. Request memorandum Request memo is written with a view to elicit a favorable response. A well-written request memo is one that is able to motivate the reader to take the desired action. The following guidelines have to be followed while writing a request momo: • The request should be cleaerly stated in the memo. • The memo should present the reasons for the request. • Explanation should be given for any financial costs that may be involved. • All expenses should be justified. • The memo should mention the desired action that the reader needs to take. • Tact and diplomacy should be used throughout the memo. 
  2. Confirmation memo A confirmation memo is a written confirmation of what has been agreed to verbally. The following guidelines need to be followed while writing a confirmation memo: • The major point that have been discussed and verbally agreed upon must be specifically mentioned in the memo. • These points need to be enumerated to emphasize them and to enable easy refernce to them in future discussions. • Feedback should be encouraged on points that are not clear or misunderstood. 
  3. Periodic report memo A periodic report memo is used to depict information that needs to be submitted at intervals. Examples of such memos are those that are used to present quarterly sales reports, monthly expenditure reports, etc. The following guidelines need to be followed while developing a periodic report memo: • A periodic report memo should be designet as a fill-in form in which data can be easily entered. • The form should be easy to duplicate and reuse. • Sufficient place should be provided in the memo form to allow the writer to write any comments or remarks, if requered. 
  4. Ideas and suggestions memo Ideas and suggestion memos are used for providing ideas and suggestions when they are asket for. Many times, organizations solicit ideas and suggestions from the employees to tackle certain problems. These may be related to improving inter-personal relations, cost reduction efforts, improving the work environment, etc. The following guidelines should be followed while writing an ideas and suggestions memo: • Do not be too modest in giving suggestiossns. Remember that the organization is seeking your opinion, only because they consider it to be valuable. • Begin the memo by giving positive comments and move on to giving suggestions in a tactful manner. • Group the ideas together under bvarious headings. • Be specific. A well organized ideas and suggestions memo beginds by defening the problem, groups the recommendations under various headings and concludes by indicating how the recommondations can be implemented. 
  5. Informal study result memorandum An informal study result memo is used to present the information obtained from an informal study in an easy to read and understend form. The following guidelines should be followed while writing an informal study result memorandum: • State the purposes of the study at the beginning of the memo. • Present the results and their interpretation under separate heading to allow easy understanding • Adress the issue systematically one after the other. • Write the memo by using informal language.
      From the statement above, the researche concludes that the kinds of memos can be categorized into two board types, such as; informal and formal memos. While the memo is also consisted of five basic types, such as; request, confirmation, periodic report, ideas and suggestion, and informal study results.

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