Monday, January 14, 2013

The Benefit of Writing

      Romli (2007:71) says that the benefits of writing whether diary, writing idea even writing popular scientific article and book are:
  1. Self expression. It means that writing is to express feeling, thought, and wishes. Writing becomes as a tool in telling the contect of the heart. 
  2. Self image or Personal Branding, by writing, we can build self image. 
  3. Selft Confident. Good writing wiil build self image of the writer and in its turn building his/her self confident. 
  4. Agent of Change. By writing,we can be as the agent of change. Ideas which are put on written language influences the mind of readers. 
  5. Sharing. Writing is o tool fo sharing experince. 
  6. Profit making. Financial advantage can be gotten through writing. 
  7. Healthy Life writing is good for health. 
  8. Truma Healing.
      Writing is also useful for trauma healing. According to aiqueue (2008:73) the benefits of writing are:
  1. Pragmatic 1) Creating permanent records (e.g., minutes) of verbal exchanges. 2) As an altenative to verbal communication (e.g., e-mail) 
  2. Educational 1) As a technique for imparting ideas (e.g. presentations, books). 2) Learning to write well can also help one to speak and think more effectively. These include improving idea organization, brevity etc. 3) The act of writing in another language also help one lerarn that language. 
  3. Emotional 1) Clarifying the mind (e.g. journaling, and blogging). For some it is like exercise, a necessary daily duty bto oneself. 2) Distilling ideas-the mere transfrence of one’s musings to paper often brings new epiphanies and even modifications to preconceived viewpoints.
      It can be said that trought writing people can record verbal exchanges, clarify mind, distill ideas, impart idea, learn the language, speak and think more effectively.

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